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Toulminville-LeFlore Alumni Association

Welcome to the Toulminville-LeFlore Alumni Association website. The Rattler Alumni Association Excutive Board welcomes you to join the online home of Toulminville High School, LeFlore High School, and LeFlore Magnet High School of Advanced Communication & Fine Arts. Rattlernation exists to preserve the past history of our schools while maintaining a consistent link with the future.  Incorporated in 2008, Rattlernation invites all graduates, teachers, administrators, and friends to join together to:
  • Restore and preserve history, ideals, spirit, and traditions of our schools
  • Develop higher interests in education, school activities and events
  • Invite participation of alumni in school activities and functions
  • Foster fellowship and unity among graduates of both schools
  • Enhance growth within the community

Please use this site for info on the school, upcoming class reunions, and homecoming celebrations. If you are not already a member of our association, please consider joining Rattlernation at We look forward to your membership with The Nation. All contributions which directly benefit the school can be made by contacting Mrs. Figures of LeFlore Magnet High School.

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